The Agissar & INFOPoll Team Looks Forward to Helping Our Customers Return to Their Office Space

Help promote social distance and physical separation in your mailroom while protecting staff from splashes and sprays with our clear acrrylic barriers available in both Standard and Custom options.

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Need more from your mailroom?

It’s time you met Agissar.

For large volumes of incoming mail, you need a streamlined solution for envelope extraction and document prep. One that takes your multiple process interruptions into account.

Meet Agissar. A proven process partner that consistently increases production rates by 40% to 100%. And the bona fide leader in customized automation solutions for mail processing, check handling and product fulfillment.

Production tracking based on real time:

Not just runtime.

In a typical extraction and prep process, 20 to 30 minutes of every hour are wasted on production distractions. Like batching. Work takeaways and pickups. Replenishing supplies. And office chatter.

Our patented INFOPoll® reporting systems are automated real-time production data solutions that can be field-installed on any machine. Providing the accurate information you need for total machine management and workflow optimization.

INFOPoll® Enterprise Edition

Uses integrated bar coding to provide a complete picture of utilization and throughput.

INFOPoll® Web Warehouse

Applies our field-proven INFOPoll® technology to the process of product fulfillment.

INFOPointe® DataCollector

Field installable on any machine for precise networked tracking of both runtime and idle time.

Streamlining the human element:

With advanced extraction and prep solutions.

With advances like our revolutionary Triple Cut envelope opener, Agissar has the products and know-how to maximize the throughput of machined and manual operations across your extraction/prep/fulfillment process.

Our highly knowledgeable Agissar production pros come to your facility to learn about the unique challenges of your operation — then help you choose an optimal customized equipment configuration to maximize ROI.

Automated Mail Extraction & Prep
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Automated Mail Extraction & Prep

Single and multi-operator solutions to address standard and custom process needs.
Manual Extraction Workstations
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Manual Extraction Workstations

Ergonomic workstations for Doc Prep with real-time performance feedback.
Mailroom Solutions
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Mailroom Solutions

Full line of custom made Carts, Tables, Workstations, Joggers, High speed Sorters, Light Tables and more

Full lifecycle service and support:

For over 40 years and counting.

From humble beginnings, over 250 installations later, Agissar has grown into the industry’s go-to provider. Over the past five years alone, 40 sites worldwide have incorporated Agissar innovation into their process.

We invite you to explore this website in more detail, to find out more about the innovative technologies and products we synthesize into fully optimized and scalable solutions. And certainly don’t hesitate to call or email us, at any point, to begin a conversation.