Agissar Advantage

Leveraging 40+ years of process insight:
To revolutionize your everyday productivity.

From the very beginning in 1974, the Agissar mission was clear: to be the leading developer, engineer and manufacturer for unique mail and check handling solutions. More than four decades later, as the market continues to expand and evolve, our conscious avoidance of one-size-fits-all has led to over 250 optimized and scalable installations across the globe.

A reputation for solving the toughest process problems.

Many of our most important advances began as a specific solution for an individual customer or market. Early on, Agissar revolutionized the production capabilities of the single-operator extraction workstation. Later, we semi-automated the painfully slow handling of folded-page documents — with multi-operator configurations enabling a single machine to supply 2 to 4 workstation positions. The introduction of Agissar’s INFOPoll® technology took automation into a whole new realm. Creating a self-managing environment with nearly double the throughput rate of previously manual environments.

In some cases, it’s really about how we address anomalies. Case in point: our proprietary solution for handling thick exception mail in a semi-automated environment. To this day, the capabilities of this heavy mail package are unique in the industry. Freeing expeditors from the task of fine-tuning machine nuances, so they can focus solely on ensuring optimal results from personnel and the overall process.

Collaborating to help you choose the right configuration.

The Agissar history of game-changing advances is the direct result of the commitment of our people. On any given day at our customer-solutions engineering facility in Stratford CT, you’ll find Agissar engineers, service pros and end-users collaborating to turn unique problems into opportunities.

We work closely with your staff to determine the optimal configuration to achieve your goals for extraction, prep and/or fulfillment. The information we gather during our collaborative discovery process is used to produce capacity models and interactive flow charts that help guide your decision. We’re the only vendor who can conduct a workflow study with this level of intensity — and then provide a streamlined total solution that is precisely customized to your specifications.